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Brewerkz Cannedvas Beer Label Design Competition
Brewerkz Cannedvas Beer Label Design Competition


At Brewerkz, no two handcrafted beers are the same — each batch is a brewer's work of art. This is why we're looking for a label that reflects our love for the craft, be it in art or beer.

As a beloved Singaporean brand, we want to #SupportLocal by providing budding artists with a canvas on our first-ever Art x Craft Collection canned beer series.


The winning design should embody at least one of the themes.


Artistic and intricate designs that showcase the designer's skills.


One-of-a-kind artwork based on the designer's brightest and wildest ideas.


We're looking for design that packs visual or emotional punch, even for non-drinkers

Uniquely Singapore

Showcase Brewerkz's local roots through through the design.

All the designs below have been intricately designed by our local art students and we want you to play a part in turning their vision into reality.

Your choice will hold a critical component in selecting the winner — so select your favourite, and toast to the new canned beer design!

01 Jean David Reboca

ITE Central

The design uses the lion, paying homage to the Merlion. This follows the theme “Uniquely Singapore”.

The colours in each design contrast to the lion, the main attraction, and accompanies the hops, wheat and wave representing the beer.

02 Vanessa Hon

NTU School of Art, Design & Media

The illustration on the beer cans showcases Singapore’s iconic characteristics.

The Atas Chiobu represents the iconic Singapore Airlines girl, the Boatoh Kia is inspired by the spitting Merlion, the Garang Kia represents the PMD community and the Merlion fishing for cash represents our love for lobangs!

03 Bryan Lim

Nanyang Technological University

Unique local characters illustrated with a strong, bold and minimalist look - the Merlion and a Singapura (cat).

Typography and wheat-inspired embellishments are added to give the design direction and rhythm.

04 Poh Guo Sheng

ITE College Central

This design uses thick, black, bold lines inspired by pop art and comics.

The four beer label designs are emphasized and contrasted between the beer title and illustrations. Different elements and background colours are used for each design.

05 Keer & Esther

ITE College Central

Our beer labels showcase local roots by illustrating Singapore’s landmarks with the colours of each of the core beers incorporated into the design.

Elements that suit the beer and bring attention to the landmarks are also used in the background.

06 Shazlyn Anisah

ITE College Central

These designs are outlined to make the art pop, and are accompanied by different colours in a 2-dimension design.

Each colour compliments each beer and the names of the beers imprinted on the shoe soles are inspired by “Toy Story”.

07 Yun Xuan Lee

Nanyang Technological University

My can designs are inspired by the bright colours that are associated with the Brewerkz brand.

I used rich golden hues, bright red, a light-hearted shade of yellow, and a classic black to represent the characteristics of each beer.

08 Mathias Lim

ITE College Central

The illustrations are inspired by the Holy Grail/Chalice, a treasure that serves as an important motif in Arthurian literature.

These designs are accompanied by gems to elevate the design and contrast the colours used.

09 Elsie Loh

Temasek Polytechnic

The design on the cans showcase the youthful attitude that Brewerkz possesses despite being the longest-running brewery in Singapore.

The dabbing uncle portrays the generational gap being removed, and how all ages and communicate beyond their differences.


Tell us which design you like best — each design includes 4 can labels — and place your votes by 31st March 2020.

We get it, it’s hard to pick a favourite, but you only get to vote once — so vote wisely!

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CANNEDVAS: Public Voting Closed

Thank you for your support on Brewerkz CANNEDVAS: Beer Label Design Competition.

Public voting is now closed. The winning entry will be announced social media. The winner(s) will also be contacted soon.

We thank you for your patience. Cheers!

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