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An Industry-First in Asia, Brewerkz and Experia Events Announce Singapore Airshow 2020 Event-Exclusive Beer: The Brewerkz Afterburner Pacific Pale Ale

  • Brewed to get your pulse racing and heart pumping, the Brewerkz Afterburner Pacific Pale Ale is created specially for Singapore Airshow 2020.
  • The craft brew is named after the high-octane jet fuel which kicks planes into high speed and is inspired by the powerful thrust and adrenaline rush that an afterburner gives.
  • A classic pale ale with a distinct hoppy fragrance, the refreshing drink leaves a lip-smacking honeydew and pine aftertaste.
Brewerkz and Experia Events are kicking the Singapore Airshow 2020 into high gear this year, and are launching an industry-first, event-exclusive brew in Asia: The Brewerkz Afterburner Pacific Pale Ale. Inspired by the powerful jet fuel which thrusts planes into high speed, the classic pale ale bears a distinct hoppy fragrance and leaves a refreshing lip-smacking honeydew and pine aftertaste.

Brewerkz joined hands with Experia Events, organiser and manager of the Singapore Airshow, as the official beer partner and conceptualised this special brew with the intention of elevating the biennial event with a unique Singaporean flair. Spicing up the not-to-be-missed event of the year, the Brewerkz Afterburner Pacific Pale Ale, freshly tapped or in a can, offers event-goers a welcome respite from the hot sun, and an uplifting buzz to their moods.

“We are proud of this collaboration between Singapore’s longest-running craft brewery experience and Asia’s largest and most influential airshow. We are also very pleased the Brewerkz Afterburner Pacific Pale Ale is exactly as we imagined: thirst-quenching, refreshing and flavourful. A high-energy event like the Singapore Airshow demands an equally high-octane beer,” says Tan Wee Han, Owner and CEO of Brewerkz.

To create this special brew, a focus group of beer enthusiasts from the aviation industry was brought together to identify beer characteristics and features for the upcoming brew. Through rigorous tasting of different types of beers with varying aromas, flavours and styles, the group picked out key flavour notes that were eventually incorporated into the Brewerkz Afterburner Pacific Pale Ale.
“Visitors from all over the world convene at the Singapore Airshow. In addition to the business of aerospace and defence, we hope to present our visitors with the lighter side of Singapore, and what better way than introducing a custom brew created by aviation enthusiasts, for Singapore Airshow 2020,” said Mr Leck Chet Lam, Managing Director, Experia Events.

The Brewerkz Afterburner Pacific Pale Ale will be available at the Singapore Airshow 2020, from 11th to 16th February, at the Changi Exhibition Centre. The craft brew will also be served at all Brewerkz restaurants for the month of February 2020.
Brewerkz and Singapore Airshow 2020 will also be running a series of social media campaigns around the Brewerkz Afterburner Pacific Pale Ale to enhance the visitor experience. More details will be published at

Amidst the thrills of the adrenaline-pumping stunts and manoeuvres of the aerial display, this beer is a perfect accompaniment for a weekend of pure excitement at the Singapore Airshow 2020.
Warning: This ale has mood-lifting properties – may launch happy feelings at supersonic speeds.

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