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Singapore International Water Week



Calling all homebrewers! Try your hand at creating your very own NEWater craft beer and engage in some boozy competition in the battle of the brews!

This year, Singapore International Water Week and Brewerkz are offering you the chance to try your hand at brewing a special craft beer using NEWater, Singapore’s very own brand of reverse osmosis, high-grade recycled adultporn.ccadultpornadultpornadultporn.ccadultporn.ccadultpornwater.

Brewers understand, better than anyone, the importance of sustainable use of water. After all, water is a key ingredient in the art of beer brewing. That’s why we’re inviting you to join us in the journey to create the upcoming NEWBrew!

Contest Details

Homebrewers are challenged to create an ale to showcase flavours of Singapore using NEWater and Beer Recipe Guide specified by Brewerkz. The brew with the most interesting and delicious taste profile will be crowned the champion. The winner will work with Brewerkz to brew the next NEWBrew using his/her winning recipe!

Now till 15 March Register for NEWBrew Hopularity Contest and make a one-time payment of S$120.
12 - 15 March Collect your brewing kit from iBrew.
15 March - 10 April Brew away! Follow the brewing guidelines here, and craft your very own creations.
Any time until 10 April Drop off your boozy creations at iBrew.
12 April Preliminary judging — beer experts and certified judges will select finalists for the final judging.
17 April Final judging — Brewerkz and SIWW will come together to judge the brews and crown the NEWBrew champion!
TBD Winner will be notified directly and announced on this page and Brewerkz social media.

Preliminary judging will be held on 12 April 2020. This is a closed door judging event.
Final judging will be held on 17 April 2020. This is a closed door judging event.

Above timing is subject to changes and participants will be notified of any changes in advance.

*By entering into the competition, contestants agree to take part in publicity and promotional activities related to the contest. More details to be found in T&Cs.


The winner will receive a grand prize of S$2,000 cash. The winner may also be invited to work with Brewerkz to brew the next NEWBrew using his/her winning recipe.

All participants will receive a 6-pack of NEWBrew by Brewerkz sponsored by SIWW.

How To Participate

iBrew Address:

Blk 354 Clementi Avenue 2
Singapore 120354

Opening Hours:

Monday, Tuesday & PH: Closed
Wednesday to Saturday: 10am to 6pm
Sunday: 10am to 2pm

Basic Information
Brewing Experience

NEWBrew Hopularity Contest: Submissions Closed

Thank you for your interest on the NEWBrew Hopularity Contest.

Submissions are now closed. The winning brew will be announced social media. The winner(s) will also be contacted soon.

Do stay tuned to our Brewerkz social media ( Facebook / Instagram ) and website for more exciting contests and fresh new beers, or contact us at with any enquiries.

We'd love to hear from you again!


For enquiries, please email

Terms & Conditions
  1. These terms and conditions together with any specific instructions on the NEWBrew Hopularity Contest official website (the “Website”) are the competition rules and apply to the NEWBrew Hopularity Contest (the “Competition”).
  2. Singapore International Water Week (“SIWW”) and Brewerkz are the organisers of the Competition. The Competition commences on 24 February 2020 and will end 30 April 2020.
  3. The organisers have appointed IBrew Singapore (“IBrew”) to support in the running of the Competition.
  4. The organisers may, at its sole discretion, apply, interpret, terminate, alter, limit, suspend or modify the Competition, and/or its rules, regulations or benefits at any time, without notice.
  5. Any changes will be posted either within these terms and conditions or on the Website.
  6. By entering this contest, you agree to the terms and conditions set out below.
  1. This Competition is open to all amateur beer brewers in Singapore.
  2. Each person may only submit one entry.
  3. Commercially brewed beer is not eligible for entry.
  4. Collaboration brew may be submitted only under one registration.
  5. Participants are to register their interest for the Competition through the Website.
  6. The organisers will review the registration and upon acceptance, send a payment link to the participant.
  7. Participants will have to pay a one-time entry fee of S$120 through Paypal.
  8. Upon successful payment, participants may proceed to IBrew to collect an official NEWBrew brewing kit which will include the NEWater.
  9. All information submitted by the participant must be accurate, complete and up to date. The organisers may require the winner(s) to provide proof of identity (NRIC/Passport with same registration name) when collecting prizes.
  1. All entries must be personally homebrewed by the participant.
  2. Each participant shall submit i) six bottles (using the 330ml bottles provided) of their brew for judging and ii) a brewing log documenting the steps taken to brew their entry (template available for download on the Website).
  3. The bottles shall be submitted to IBrew (Attention: Raymond Lee) at the following:

    Block 354, Clementi Avenue 2, #01-195, Singapore 120354

    Opening Hours:
    Monday, Tuesday & PH: Closed
    Wednesday to Saturday: 10am to 6pm
    Sunday: 10am to 2pm

  4. Each bottle entered must be attached with a beer tag that is provided in the NEWBrew brewing kit.
  5. The participant shall complete the brewing log and submit a printed copy along with the beer bottles.
  6. If the bottles are received without proper labels or if the recipe log is not submitted, the entry will be disqualified.
  7. All entries will automatically be the property of the Competition. Submitted bottles will not be returned to the participants.
  1. There will be two rounds of judging. The preliminary round will take place on 12 April 2020, followed by the final round on 17 April 2020. The judging sessions will be closed door sessions.
  2. Only one grand prize winner will be picked. The grand prize winner will be selected at the organisers’ sole discretion, and the decision will be final.
  3. The winner will be notified to the contact information provided in their entries.
  4. The organisers reserve the right not to award any prize if, in its sole opinion, none of the entries meets the required standard for that prize.
  5. The organisers will notify all participants to collect their 6 pack of NEWBrew in July 2020.
  1. The grand prize winner will have the opportunity to create NEWBrew with Brewerkz. For the avoidance of doubt, the grand prize winner will not be entitled to any further remuneration, fees, commissions or payments.
  2. Before brewing NEWBrew, the grand prize winner may be invited to work with Brewerkz to make a trial commercial batch to ensure that the winning recipe can be successfully commercialized.
  3. The organisers reserve the sole right to change or modify in any way the participation of the grand prize winner in the creation of NEWBrew.
  1. Each participant consents to the organisers and its service providers using and processing their personal data in connection with the Competition as required by law or regulation.
  2. Each participant permits the organisers to use their personal data for any commercial purpose and to publish their submissions and personal data in various media for publicity purposes.
  3. Prizes are subject to winners taking part in or cooperating with the organisers in relation to related publicity and/or taking part in further promotional activities.

Each participant consents to taking part in the publicity and promotional activities for this Competition including but not limited to appearing in video filmings, interviews, social media campaigns and etc.

Each participant grants to the organisers an exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable, perpetual, world-wide and transferable license to use, reproduce, copy, transmit, display, publish, print, post, edit, adapt, modify, create derivative works from their homebrew recipe that have been submitted, for the purposes of promoting the Competition as well as for any commercial purposes, without any payment or compensation to the participant(s).

The organisers will not be liable for any loss or damages to the participant(s) arising from entering the Competition or in any other way relating to the Competition.

The contest is governed by the laws of Singapore. Disputes in connection with the rules or this contest shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Singapore courts.

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