Private Beer Tasting

Dying for a fizzy, fresh pint but don’t know where to start? Have a favourite dish/snack that you’ll love to find the perfect beer pairing for? Can’t tell the difference between IPAs, lager, ales and more?

We’ve got you covered.

What We’ve Done

From a Father’s Day tasting session with our beloved Brewerkz fans to a snack-beer pairing session with Aiken Chia from Food King, we’ve got something in store for every craft beer lover.

Virtual Tasting: Father’s Day Edition

With a curated box of local goodies and Brewerkz craft beers, our interactive beer experience brings your taste buds on a wild ride!

Brewerkz X SG Snacks: Singapore Food Festival

Hosted by Aiken Chia (Foodking) and joined by Jowyne Leong and Mitch Gribov of Brewerkz, watch as they explore different snack pairings and answer frequently asked questions by our Brewerkz fans!