golden Ale
4.5% ABV

Our best selling beer. This popular brew is straw to gold in color with balanced, reserved flavors.

Features a low bitterness, floral hop character, and a mild biscuit malt flavor.

India Pale Ale
6% ABV

Using Australian and American hops, our IPA has a strong malt character, bold notes of floral, earthy, and fruity hop flavors without retaining an overbearing hop bitterness.

A great, approachable, session beer.

5% ABV

German pilsners tend to come across as quite bitter with just a little pale malt flavor.

This refreshing beer will have a golden color, and very little fermentation character that will give it that traditional, clean, pilsner finish.

oatmeal stout
6.2% ABV

Oats give this rich, very dark beer, a silky mouth-feel with notes of chocolate and coffee, bold roasted malt flavor and then is balanced out with a strong hop bitterness.

Made with Pilgrim and Fuggle hops.

hopback ale
4.5% ABV

This cask-conditioned ale undergoes a second fermentation and has no added carbon dioxide or nitrogen.

Made with Pilgrim, Fuggle and Golding hops, the beer has medium hop bitterness and a medium caramel malt flavor.

iguana lager
4.5% ABV

This light lager is a perfect match when paired with spicy food.

The straw-hued brew is made with Hercules and Spalter Select hops.




Vincent D. is drinking XIPA
Niclas is drinking India Pale Ale
Jan B. is drinking Pilsner
Lianne S. is drinking Black Raspberry Ale
Gijs v. is drinking Oatmeal Stout


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  • Using traditional brewing techniques, Brewerkz beer contains no additives, is non-pasteurized and is unfiltered. Our bottled beers are carbonated through bottle conditioning. Bottle-conditioning is a process whereby a small amount of yeast is placed into each bottle so that the beer will undergo a secondary fermentation naturally creating carbonation and a more complex flavour. Thus, each beer bottle will contain a small amount of sediment.

    We ensure that our beer is kept between 2°C - 5°C. This not only ensures a delivery of the freshest beer possible, but also ensures that the beer maintains the right balance so its carbonation will not be affected.

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    Brewerkz six signature beers are available for delivery throughout the entire year. Seasonal beers are subject to availability. All beers are delivered by a refrigerated truck within Singapore. Orders require 2 to 3 days lead time. If you have a desired delivery date, orders may be made up to 90 days before to ensure freshness and quality.

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